Charlotte’s story


Am am really proud of our 111MC project and I really feel like showing you this! 

It is about Charlotte, a girl from London, who left home when she was 16. In this documentary she is talking about her life in Coventry and her passion for tatoos.


Web sites


I hope you will enjoy them!

Web 2.0


Web 1.0 was about owning, Web 2.0 is about sharing


There is a huge difference about web 1.0 and web 2.0.

There are those interesting key differences that are explaining very well this. Web 1.0 was all about reading ‘home pages’. The users were not able to interact with the content of the web. Tey could not chance any of the information unless the were able to do their own pages using HTML code. 

In web two, people are interacting with the web, creating their own pages, sharng and receiving information, getting in touch with what are they interested in. They are uploading and downloading. And the most beautiful thing about this is that you are not supposed to learn programming codes. Everything is already done for you to share. 

User generated content is the most common thing about web 2.0. Users are making their own space in this massive community being able to do anything. With web 2.0 users are able to do things that they wouldn’t have imagine before. Shopping, banking, sharing, downloading, learning, etc. you can do all this just sitting in front of your computer in your own house.

It is only bad if you are loosing the contact with the real world, thing that often happens to those who are not able to define their own limits. Otherwise, I still go on with my ideea that web 2.0 is the best thing invented ever.

Surveilance & Privacy in a Networked World


1)Do you think about the identifiable trail that you leave whilst using networks?

A: I surely know that most of the actions we do on networks can leave trails and some people are able to follow those in order to find out what exactly are you using on the networks. I know that but I rarely think about it. 


2) Do you worry about being tracked by your online activity?

A: I could not say that I am worried. I do belive that sometimes I should take this more seriously but I couldn’t say that I am really affraid of being tracked online. It is a spooky thing, indeed but I am too relaxed to get paranoid.

3)What information do you place online?

A: Usually I am placeing multimedia content online; things like movies, photos, songs and I am trying to keep up-to-date an online diary for 112MC. 


In my opinion, I think that even this surveilance has some good parts sometimes. Somebody really has to keep an eye on everything it moves to make the web surfing a safer ‘sport’. It could be relaxing knowing that someone in following the ‘bad guys’ to make your life easyer online.

Of course there are negatives sides of this aspects also but I can not write them here because I might be tracked! 🙂

World Wide Web History


It was so interesting to find out how this whole thing started back in 1945 when Vannevar Bush wrote about “a photo-electrical-mechanical device called a Memex, for memory extension, which could make and follow links between documents on microfiche”. 

After a lot of elementary things, those from CERN started to share documents from one computer to another and later the HTML code started to be used. In the beginings, there was only one kind of web where you culd only read some pages full of words. This was called afterwards Web 1.0. 

Web 2.0 basically represents the read-write web, the space which users can personalize the content, they are able to download, to upload and to share information in the same time.

Web 2.0 is the most important development in my opinion and I do think it offers a huge access to information but also a huge opportunity to express yourself as you really like.

The best example of a web 2.0 web site can be considered Youtube. There is a massive source of information. People from all over the world are watching videos but, the most important thing is that the people actually creates the content. Every day there is uploaded a huge cantity of information and is is shared to anyone who is able co connect to the internet.


This really is the best thing communication could ever get.


Where to? I can’t imagine right now what will be next but I am wondering how web 3.0 is going to look like! 🙂


This is an interesting video about the history of internet! It explains all wery well. Probably the best video I found on this subject!

Music industry


Web 2.0, the interactive space where you can read, write, upload and download content on/from the websites. It seems to be the greatest invention meant to make our life easier. Well, it is true for the most of the people. But what do the music producers and especially the music distribution companies about this?
Well, once the music download services got more users, it was the right time for this to get legalized. And that is how iTunes appeared. Apple sells streamed files on the Internet legally. By quiting the traditional way to distribute music they are causing a lot of problem to the biggest distributors like Sony BMG and others.

‘Universal Music’s Doug Morris and Sony BMG Music are talking to Warner Music Group about trying to put together a new service, Total Music, that would compete with Apple’s proprietary iTunes Store, according to Business Week.’

‘End of iTunes domination’?
Personally, I do not think so. Even with the Total Music appearance iTunes will not fail. There will be in the future, like in nowadays a lot of people ‘in trend’ enough to get Apple hardware, leading to buy digital music from iTunes.

Desperate attempt to retain monopoly control over music distribution

From my point of view, they should really be afraid in what concerns the music distribution business. The ‘old fashion’ companies faced a lot of difficult situations during their existence. In the last few years, this problems seemed to be extreme: illegal music download and the iTunes release.

Will Total music take control? For their own safety, they should do it.

First Piece Of Work


For doing this I used Wordle, Google Images, ProShow Gold Edition and, of course- Youtube and WordPress.
This first piece is about smoking and what kind of dangers does it attracts, by showing some statistics relating to the subject. The statistics were found on the web